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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pacquiao for Congressman?

Looks like it's true that Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the Pambansang Kamao, has finally decided to throw his gloves into the political ring. News reports have it that Manny Pacquiao will be running for Congress in the first district of South Cotabato against Darlene Antonino Custodio.

Will he win? I hope not. He may have our support in all his boxing matches but in this fight, I think the Philippine nation will be divided. All offense meant -- What does Manny Pacquiao know about legislation? I know it's a stupid question just looking at some people we have in Congress (and even in the Senate) but don't we want to move away from politics which is just anchored on popularity and name recall?

I don't know about Manny but I guess he can't see through the motives of people who have been egging him to run. I am sure they will just use him for their own political or economic ambitions. Am sure Darlene Custodio is likewise a target of the administration as she has been very vocal about her support for the impeachment of GMA.

Oh well, Manny Pacquiao is free to make his own choices just as the Filipino voter is also free to make his or her own choice. To Manny, you don't need to be a politician to help people out. I think you make more people happy by sticking to the thing that you do best which is boxing. Then again, that's just my opinion.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Same Old, Same Old

Plastered all over the newspapers today are the names and faces of candidates who intend to run for the Senate in the coming May 2007 elections. Why do I get the feeling that I am voting in an election that has already been concluded? That's probably the case since save for one or two new faces, these are the same old people who have been around and who have led us to today's political scene in the Philippines. Not very encouraging I tell you.

Why am I also not surprised that Francis Pangilinan has decided to run as an independent candidate? Well, with Sharon Cuneta for a wife and with kids Frankie and Miel all over our television sets, who needs the backing of a party? Such is the way of Philippine politics.

There's really not much to look forward to with the coming elections. When will we get to see new names? Names that will inspire and re-kindle hope? I guess those new names are busy doing their own bit of good in their respective fields and are probably allergic to the world of Philippine politics.

Monday, February 5, 2007

There's No Business Like Philippine Politics

Here in the Philippines, the word politics is probably spelled this way: S-H-O-W-B-I-Z. And why not? Those who win the elections in this country are not necessarily the most qualified but more often than not, those with name recall, have access to media, and are remotely related to the entertainment scene.

The political ads have already started bombarding us on television: We have "Ang Gara ng buhay;" Zubiri talking about the Biofuels Law (really now); and we have "Tol" Michael Defensor, among others. I don't have a very high regard for television and the programs the stations push but I didn't imagine it could get more terrible. Groan.

Am already starting to have a headache thinking of whom to vote for in May 2007. Seems like I don't really have much of a choice. I feel more like a casting director rather than a voter. What do you expect from a crop of candidates which includes one who would hire Boy Abunda to advise him on his campaign?

Oh well. We'll see how many "credible" people get elected this May. Where are the men of action? Those who do not think that everything in politics is just for show?