Angelhouser | A Journal By Angelica Bautista Viloria

Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog or Be Defeated

I look back at the year that was and I remember several controversies or fights or brawls that took place. One thing that stands out in all these developments or situations is: "Ang walang blog, talo." (He who does not have a blog, loses.)

Why is that the case? A blog gives anyone the medium to write his or her thoughts or opinions down instantly. What you write in your blog need not be factual or accurate all the time but written properly, it can sway public opinion and gain support for a thought or idea.

Caught in the middle of an issue, one does not need to wait for mainstream media (like newspapers and television and the like) to get your side of the story. You make your own story and document it for all to see. And while yesterday's newspaper may end up wrapping tomorrow's fish purchase, what you have written down in your blog will be retrievable years down the road, courtesy of our friends at Google.

So still debating whether you should start blogging or whether blogging makes any sense at all? The year 2009 may be a great time to start that blog that you have always been putting off. Don't wait for the time when you actually need it, before you start it.