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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of Lies and Half-Truths

Wala talaga akong masabi kay Tita Miriam. I listened intently to her this morning as she asked the all important question: "Who doublecrossed whom?"

As we listen to the Senate hearings on the NBN-ZTE deal, things just seem to get more convoluted. The picture isn't getting any clearer. What's clear is that someone is not telling the whole truth; that the process of awarding contracts is highly questionable; and that government officials need to be more careful in their words and actuations.

Where will all of this lead? I don't know. What's particularly interesting to me is when Secretary Neri said that he told GMA about the 200 bribe attempt by Abalos. He went on to say that GMA told him "not to accept it." Is that still something that has to be said or instructed?

And if that narration is true, why is Abalos still in Comelec? He is accused of offering a bribe and he can still continue as Comelec chair?

Some things don't make sense.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Alphabet

Philippine politics has a way of influencing every little detail of our lives. With the hearing at the Senate yesterday where Joey de Venecia was present, we now have a new alphabet, sung to the tune of your regular ABC...

"A B Z T E F G..."

That's the new joke I heard on AM radio this morning which reminded me of why I listen to AM radio (DZBB) in the first place.

The morning shows were talking about "mister ni ma'am," este mystery man pala -- given Joey de Venecia's statement that FG Mike Arroyo reportedly told him in a meeting to "back off" from the ZTE broadband deal.

Misery man (according to one radio show listener) or mystery man, am sure we all want to hear what FG has to say when he gets back from his trip to wherever.

I don't know. This looks like a "his word against mine" kind of thing -- maybe am not too trusting given that both parties in this case have political ties. Whether you are married to a powerful woman or whether you are the child of a powerful man, wouldn't it have been safer to stay away from deals that involve government? You have less headache that way. Different strokes for different folks. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Everyone was awaiting the Sandiganbayan's decision on Erap's case today. Guilty or not guilty, either way, there will be unhappy, disgruntled Filipinos. Actually, it was both not guilty and guilty. Not guilty on perjury, guilty for plunder.

Uncertainty is in the air and already, we see the peso slipping and the stock market? We'll see how it goes. This has been a long-drawn fight (six years?) and over that time, our views of the participants and involved people may have changed somewhat. A guilty verdict, will probably be easier for most people (although that is not the point and shouldn't be) while a not guilty decision would have been more complicated and troublesome.

We still await the next move of Erap's lawyers but this fight is closer to the end as I see it. Fights are never really meant to last. We have seen it happen in politics and in life -- sometimes the very person you fought with may be the same person you will need or thank tomorrow.

Which brings me to the Pinoy blogosphere which is beginning to look more like a microcosm of Philippine society as the days go by. It has started to have its share of fights due to differing views, semantics, the way a comment was worded, etc., etc. This much I know, bloggers are passionate people... and when you are passionate about anything...things start to heat up.

As in life and politics, in the blogosphere, it is tricky to know how and when to start a fight, how to sustain it, when to end it and when to move on to next fight or issue once your traffic starts to wane. =)

Personally, I never did like fights. It's too draining. So, since energy and resources are not unlimited, it is wise to pick your fights carefully. Not all battles are worth the effort. The person you despise or do battle with today may be the one who may help you tomorrow. After all, b(i)log ang mundo.