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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The New Alphabet

Philippine politics has a way of influencing every little detail of our lives. With the hearing at the Senate yesterday where Joey de Venecia was present, we now have a new alphabet, sung to the tune of your regular ABC...

"A B Z T E F G..."

That's the new joke I heard on AM radio this morning which reminded me of why I listen to AM radio (DZBB) in the first place.

The morning shows were talking about "mister ni ma'am," este mystery man pala -- given Joey de Venecia's statement that FG Mike Arroyo reportedly told him in a meeting to "back off" from the ZTE broadband deal.

Misery man (according to one radio show listener) or mystery man, am sure we all want to hear what FG has to say when he gets back from his trip to wherever.

I don't know. This looks like a "his word against mine" kind of thing -- maybe am not too trusting given that both parties in this case have political ties. Whether you are married to a powerful woman or whether you are the child of a powerful man, wouldn't it have been safer to stay away from deals that involve government? You have less headache that way. Different strokes for different folks. Oh well.

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