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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ang Gala ng Lola Mo!

Last Saturday, the Philippine newspapers featured Simeona Adamos, a 102-year old lola (grandmother) who was among the first recipients of the new machine-readable passports from the Department of Foreign Affairs. (DFA)

Bilib talaga ako kay lola! She had a nice photo, was elegantly dressed, and she was still traveling to visit her children and grandchildren in New Jersey -- all at the young age of 102! I actually dream to live to be a hundred and given my penchant for travel, Lola Simeona will be my inspiration through the years. I hope I will be as blessed as she is with good health and a long life.

Asked about the secret of her long life, Lola Simeona said that she has meals of cereal and milk, takes fruits for snacks, avoids hatred and focuses on beautiful things. Ang ganda-ganda talaga ni Lola.

I hope Lola Simeona continues to live long and be healthy. May she live to be a 110 years old.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Few Versatile Men

Angelo Reyes has been named as Energy Secretary while Lito Atienza, former Mayor of Manila, has been named as Environment Secretary. Angelo Reyes was previously at the following departments: defense, interior, and environment.

I wonder what skills you need to have to be able to shift so easily from one area to another. Should I learn that skill? I've been looking around for career opportunities in the last two months and so far, people treat me like I have a big sign that says CREDIT or RESEARCH on my forehead. Not that I want to stay away from these fields forever but sometimes, you just want to try something else like sales or marketing -- but then when they see my resume, they classify me right away into areas that involve the writing of reports.

Back to government. Why do we keep seeing the same old names being moved around? Are there no other men capable of leading these departments? And if such capable men exist, do they really not want to have anything to do with government? (That was a rhetorical question, I guess.) And why is it that every time an issue arises concerning the appointees of GMA, some spokesperson will always say that these people "serve at the pleasure of the president"? When will government officials serve at the pleasure of Filipinos in general?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Franc-ly Speaking

In the past few days, we've read about Francswiss in the newspapers and how this (among several others) internet-based investment scheme has fooled some of our countrymen to invest their money for abnormally high returns. I mean 4.8% daily? Not even our domestic credit card companies make that much money so where will the bright people behind Francswiss place your hard-earned USD 1,000?

Through the years, we have seen that if something sounds to good to be true, all of the time -- it is. Charles Ponzi, who also had scammy deals way back in the early 1900s, and those who came after him, know only too well that some people will be willing to risk what they have for a quick and high return. In a Ponzi-like investment scheme, early payments are made out of money invested by subsequent investors. It thus pays to get in early, take some early profits, and if you are lucky enough, get out before everything comes crumbling down.

Still, there is really no substitute for hard work and good ideas as a way to get ahead and earn just as there is no solution to greed that makes people think blindly of profits no matter what the cost. So, the next time these Ponzi Pilato come up with another scheme and offer you this rare investment opportunity which will earn you super-high returns, do what my favorite radio commentator on DZBB Jimmy Gil suggests: "Pitikin nyo sa ilong." (Hit him or her on the nose.)

Having done that, walk away (with your money intact) and call the Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat at 523-4421 or 536-7358 to report these individuals.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

What Will You Be Doing Tomorrow: 7/7/07?

Did you notice that tomorrow, Saturday, July 7, 2007 will correspond to 7/7/07? I didn't. At least not until I read about it in the newspapers yesterday. Am not heavy on numerology, astrology, or that kind of stuff so I haven't been thinking of dates in that sort of way.

The only numbers I consider lucky are those that will win me millions of pesos (dollars also acceptable) in a raffle or lottery so I can travel to my heart's content and finally build me my own house. Other than that, a number's a number -- save for the ones you see on your payslip-- and we all agree that some numbers are luckier than others!

So, what will you be doing tomorrow? Are you going to make a life-changing decision like get married? Will you embark on a new business? If you haven't planned anything special for tomorrow, don't fret. You can start planning for August 8, 2008 or 8/8/08. How's that for advanced notice?

As for me, I will try to get 7 hours of sleep, be nice to at least 7 people, and help my son complete his homework in all 7 subjects. Anyway, it's a good thing I don't pay attention to dates or that sort of stuff because if I did, I'd be worried about next week -- when Friday the 13th comes along! Bwahaha...