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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ang Gala ng Lola Mo!

Last Saturday, the Philippine newspapers featured Simeona Adamos, a 102-year old lola (grandmother) who was among the first recipients of the new machine-readable passports from the Department of Foreign Affairs. (DFA)

Bilib talaga ako kay lola! She had a nice photo, was elegantly dressed, and she was still traveling to visit her children and grandchildren in New Jersey -- all at the young age of 102! I actually dream to live to be a hundred and given my penchant for travel, Lola Simeona will be my inspiration through the years. I hope I will be as blessed as she is with good health and a long life.

Asked about the secret of her long life, Lola Simeona said that she has meals of cereal and milk, takes fruits for snacks, avoids hatred and focuses on beautiful things. Ang ganda-ganda talaga ni Lola.

I hope Lola Simeona continues to live long and be healthy. May she live to be a 110 years old.


Anonymous said...

my husband's grandmother will be turning 100 this september. her secret naman is a beer a day.

Angelica Viloria said...

Hi Evi,

I have an aunt too nearing 100 and she drinks a glass of red wine every day. Must be something in the alcohol. Keeps you happy probably. =)