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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Of Lies and Half-Truths

Wala talaga akong masabi kay Tita Miriam. I listened intently to her this morning as she asked the all important question: "Who doublecrossed whom?"

As we listen to the Senate hearings on the NBN-ZTE deal, things just seem to get more convoluted. The picture isn't getting any clearer. What's clear is that someone is not telling the whole truth; that the process of awarding contracts is highly questionable; and that government officials need to be more careful in their words and actuations.

Where will all of this lead? I don't know. What's particularly interesting to me is when Secretary Neri said that he told GMA about the 200 bribe attempt by Abalos. He went on to say that GMA told him "not to accept it." Is that still something that has to be said or instructed?

And if that narration is true, why is Abalos still in Comelec? He is accused of offering a bribe and he can still continue as Comelec chair?

Some things don't make sense.

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