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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Show Me the Money Bags!

Ever since Secretary Neri testified about his "Sec, may 200 ka dito" experience, we have been bombarded by various news items about bribes, pay-offs, and lately, the cash, given out in bags, during an affair at Malacanang.

What must I do to get such a bag filled with P500 thousand in cash? I guess I'll have to be mayor or a governor from whom they really want nothing in return. (Really now.) Now, there's news that GMA had already ordered an investigation about the money in the bags right after it had been given away but news of the investigation only came out after Governor Panlilio (also known as Among Ed) talked about the cash he had received. Para naman yang ZTE. Na-investigate din but we always find out about the investigation after someone raises a fuss about some issue.

Oh my. I wonder how government will extricate itself from this news and/or development. Some people have again called for the resignation of GMA given this particular money bags issue. Have you not learned your lesson? She does not care about what you or I think. If she was even thinking of letting go of her present position, then she should have done it long ago.

Will we ever find out where the cash specifically came from? For what purpose will it be used? Things really smell fishy when no one accounts for the money that is being given out. If the money is given to support projects of or for the poor, where are the poor? And if this has been happening repeatedly over the years as other politicians say it has, then where did all the money go?

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