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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Nation of Isolation

Recently, there have been a lot of "isolated cases." Mariannet Amper was said to be an isolated case. Just a few days ago, news reports on radio had the tourism secretary saying that the Batasang Pambansa bombing was an "isolated case" and that it was safe for tourists to visit the Philippines.

I agree that travel advisories about the Philippines and news reports in other countries about the Philippines tend to be exaggerated. I get a bit irritated though when I hear the words "isolated case." Just to push the argument, it may be true -- but does it make a difference to those who lost a loved one or a friend in that isolated incident?

Then again, there is some truth to such things being an "isolated case." Why do such things happen? They happen because people don't care enough about other people. Individuals are just concerned about their own objectives that it does not matter if someone gets hurt or killed. Philippine society or politics is the way it is because all of us do not care enough about things beyond our homes or families.

Until each lives his or her life, with the good of the greatest number of Filipinos in mind, we will continue to be confronted with "isolated cases" in a nation of isolation.

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