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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Carnival is Here (Eto Na Ang Perya ng Bayan)

It is only January 2007 but already, as is our country's habit, when you read the newspapers; when you listen to AM radio; when you watch television -- you will be bombarded daily by talk about the May 2007 national and local elections here in the Philippines. Groan.

Politicians are now in "election mode." That means either nothing will move (because everyone is busy thinking of the campaign) or everything will move quicker and faster (as they woo voters) but only until May 2007. Money will flow left and right so people are generally happy.

Will anything change with the coming elections? I've voted in too many elections to know that things will probably not change. Already, am hearing the same old names and seeing the same old faces. Sa iyo ang San Juan, Akin ang San Juan (San Juan is yours and it is mine too.) If news reports are to be believed, the mother of JV Ejercito will slug it out with the wife of Jinggoy Estrada in the mayoralty race in San Juan. Does an Ejercito or an Estrada always have to be at the helm of San Juan?

There are talks nowadays of Erap being freed from his Tanay resthouse. Why now, all of a sudden? If we release Erap now, let's return him to Malacanang. =) He was elected president anyway.

I don't know about you but this election thing is getting more tiring as the years go by. I've always voted in every election in the past and I'm still not getting the government that I think I deserve. Maybe it's time to do something different and skip the elections altogether? I wonder, shall I get better results?

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