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Monday, January 8, 2007

Seventy Years is All We Have?

Did you read that recent article which said that the life expectancy of Filipinos has improved from 50 years old in the 1940s to 70 years old these days? The finding was based on a study made by the Department of Health (DOH), if am not mistaken, and it is also stated that females generally outlive males by 2 years (only!). Those who are not likely to reach 70 years old or the average life expectancy are those who have stressful jobs. Does that mean that I will live beyond 70 if I don't have a job now?

Kidding aside, the 70 years life expectancy even has some Biblical basis. In the book of Psalms, for example, there is a Psalm which goes: "Seventy years is all we have. Eighty if we are strong..." I guess, 80 (or even a hundred) should be the goal for me.

It is interesting to note though that the same study says that the reason for the longer life span is a "healthier lifestyle." I think I disagree. I refuse to believe that people nowadays are more conscious of their health than say, 50 years ago? In fact, I would daresay that people today live "more stressful" lifestyles. We are stuck in traffic more often, work harder, inhale more pollution, eat more greasy and processed food -- than our parents ever did. Sure, they probably didn't have gyms and South Beach diets in the olden days but I don't think they needed it much then.

So what changed? Advances in medical science most probably. We are diagnosing more illnesses now and are discovering more cures. In the early days, people most probably just dropped dead without knowing what was wrong with them or without even having the chance to do something about it.

Well, in life there is always good news and bad news. What's the bad news? Life is more stress-filled these days. What's the good news? You'll live longer despite the stresses.

Up to what age would you like to stay around? Personally -- I think living to 60 will be alright; up to 70, a blessing; up till 80, a bonus; until 90, a miracle; and up to 100? I don't think my brain could think much of it even if I wanted to. Whatever the length of our days, let us be thankful. May you and I live long and healthy. I wonder, will blogs still exist when I'm 60?

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