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Monday, January 29, 2007

The Web as a Political Tool

In the coming days, we will see who among the politicians will be running for senator, congressman, the works. It will also be interesting to see how each candidate will use the web or internet for his/her campaign.

Gone are the days when politicians can just do a song-and-dance, go on a campaign sortie with well-known celebrities, and then hope to win an election. In addition to newspapers, television, radio, and cellphones, campaign strategists must now take a serious look at how the internet will figure in their over-all campaign approach.

In the United States, the presidential election will be held in 2008. This early, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, both senators, have already turned to the web to start their presidential campaign. I watched both Hillary and Barack's videos on their respective websites and although my opinion does not count as I am not a U.S. voter, I found Barack's video more natural and less scripted.

Will the local politicians in the Philippines also use the web to the same extent? Will they blog? Will they write their replies to all the issues that are sure to come up against them? Will they purchase "ad spots" in popular websites? Will the website owners allow politicians they don't believe in to put ads in their sites in exchange for money? Would you be willing to advertise a politician for free if you believed in him or her?

Interesting times ahead, folks. And I thought the Philippine elections couldn't get more exciting. =)

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