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Monday, February 5, 2007

There's No Business Like Philippine Politics

Here in the Philippines, the word politics is probably spelled this way: S-H-O-W-B-I-Z. And why not? Those who win the elections in this country are not necessarily the most qualified but more often than not, those with name recall, have access to media, and are remotely related to the entertainment scene.

The political ads have already started bombarding us on television: We have "Ang Gara ng buhay;" Zubiri talking about the Biofuels Law (really now); and we have "Tol" Michael Defensor, among others. I don't have a very high regard for television and the programs the stations push but I didn't imagine it could get more terrible. Groan.

Am already starting to have a headache thinking of whom to vote for in May 2007. Seems like I don't really have much of a choice. I feel more like a casting director rather than a voter. What do you expect from a crop of candidates which includes one who would hire Boy Abunda to advise him on his campaign?

Oh well. We'll see how many "credible" people get elected this May. Where are the men of action? Those who do not think that everything in politics is just for show?

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