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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal

The Philippine elections are over and now, we wait for the official results to come out. A few days, a few weeks, a few months? Who knows?

Even if it takes some time for the results to be official, I do see some glimmer of hope in the world that is Philippine politics. Garci did not win in Bukidnon. Darlene is beating Manny Pacquiao. Fr. Panlilio has a fighting chance in Pampanga. Tito Sotto, John Osmena, Tessie Aquino Oreta, and a handful of movie actors or actresses are not in the winning circle.

Sure, the Kapatiran candidates are a long way off too from the Magic 12 in the Senatorial race but that's fine. The mere fact that these non-politicians threw their hats into the electoral contest is enough reason to rejoice. They have forced us to look at ourselves (as regular people) and ask what good we can do for the nation. It does not matter that none of them will make it to the Senate. A process has been started and it is with anticipation that we look forward to more people in that mold, running in the 2010 elections. We hope that they will be more successful next time.

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