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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

What's Your Beauty Type?

The 2007 Miss Universe pageant has just finished and am sure everyone has his or her opinion as to who among the candidates should have gone home with the title. I thought Miss Philippines was beautiful and brainy but I guess she didn't appeal to the judges that much.

Anyway, she did win the Miss Photogenic award.

I was listening to AM radio this morning (Double A sa Double B, with Arnold Clavio, Ali Sotto, and Orly Trinidad) and I couldn't help but smile when they started discussing the different types of beauties (English translations provided by yours truly):

Photogenic: Maganda sa litrato (beautiful in photos)
Telegenic: Maganda sa TV (beautiful on television)
Layogenic: Maganda lang sa malayo (beautiful when seen from afar)
Talikogenic: Maganda lang pag nakatalikod (beautiful from behind)

and my favorite (please keep your sense of humor intact):

PPP beauty: Papalapit nang papalapit pumapangit (beautiful no more as she nears)

So, what beauty type are you? Don't be too focused on externals though. Everyone ages and physical beauty fades. Just smile, be happy and even if you ain't that pretty, you can still look like a queen.


Anonymous said...

Natawa ako sa PPP hahahaha!

Angelica Viloria said...

Hi Mitchteryosa,

Thanks for dropping by. Pareho tayong natawa dun. A more brutal English translation would have been "uglier when nearer."