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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Teaching Kids to be Filipino

I read about Raya School in the June 10, 2007 issue of the Sunday Inquirer Magazine and I was quite happy to hear that such a school existed. I have no personal knowledge of how happy the parents or students of the school are but I thought that having a pre-school that injects Filipino culture and a sense of country into its curriculum is truly worth lauding.

The Raya School, Inc. is located at 73-A Scout Limbaga St. Quezon City. At present, they accept kids aged 3-7 who attend Nursery to Grade 1 classes. Tuition fees are quite reasonable, shown in their website to be in the vicinity of P40,000 a year.

Raya School is run by Ani Almario (of Adarna House and daughter of Virgilio Almario), CP David, Basil Wuson, and Melvin Rillo. Kids attending Raya School will be exposed to Filipino culture by way of their daily lessons, songs, and field trips.

Do you attend or do you know of anyone attending Raya School? Please share your experience with us. It is easy to be born Filipino but with all the things going around us, it may be quite difficult to feel Filipino or be genuinely happy about being Filipino. I'm glad that there is a school that trains kids to look within and appreciate their Filipino-ness. For when we are secure with what we have and where we came from, true greatness blooms. Who knows, someday, someone from Raya School may yet be the ideal Filipino leader that we are looking for.

Too bad my kids are done with pre-school. I'm done with having more kids too. If you have pre-school age children though, it wouldn't hurt to check out the Raya School. I don't know them personally but am just a 40-year old mom who is just so glad to have been born Pinoy. Should Raya School put up a school for adult Filipinos too? Just a thought.

Here is their website:

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