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Monday, June 25, 2007

On Saying Thank You

I don't particularly like Ralph G. Recto. I have never even voted for him. I don't know why but I have an aversion for politicians whose wives are in showbiz and are super popular.

I didn't like it when Noli de Castro said that Ralph Recto was a true statesman when he conceded defeat in the last Senatorial elections early enough. What does being a statesman have to do with admitting that you were defeated? Is it because no Filipino politician admits that he lost the election? All Filipino politicians are just cheated?

I found it ridiculous when one of the election lawyers blamed a staple wire for Recto's loss. According to the lawyer, Recto's name may not have been visible enough to voters given the way the list of official candidates was put together (and stapled) and this may have caused Recto's defeat.

Yesterday, though, Ralph Recto put out a one page ad in a major newspaper and I liked it. It was to say thank you -- to all those who had voted for him; to all those who did not vote for him; and for all those who served in the last elections, including those who risked and lost their lives. I will not ask how much the ad may have cost Recto (and where the money is coming from to pay for the ad) but I thought that the ad was a good lesson in learning to express gratitude.

Anything that life throws our way is an opportunity for learning. Good or bad -- positive or negative, it is up to the individual to make use of any experience to improve himself/herself. We must always learn to say thank you. We must try hard never to burn our bridges for we never know when we shall meet again.

So, as I have heard it said: "There is always good in the worst and bad in the best." No one is ever perfect. It is a challenge to every person then to try to see beyond what is obvious and find something meaningful and something worth being grateful for.

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