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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Unemployment Statistic

Just last weekend, it hit the papers that the Philippines' unemployment rate fell to 7.4% in April 2007, from 8.2% in April last year. The government's economic managers (of course) were quick to say that this reflects the improvement in the economy and that a lot of new jobs were created.

Who is considered "unemployed"? If I remember my economics correctly, a person is considered unemployed if he/she is not working but is actively looking for a job. Thus, if you are not working but are perfectly happy to be staying at home and are not taking any step to look for employment, then you are not unemployed. Given that definition, we could say, that I contribute to the unemployment statistic in this country today.

Every Sunday, I go over the classified ads in the Manila Bulletin, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star, only to be disappointed that most of the jobs out there are for call centers, telemarketers, and online English tutors. I have sent my resume to 5 or more headhunters since last year. I am subscribed to Jobstreet.

I retired at the age of 39 and took the opportunity to rest and spend more time with my family in late 2006. I took off for a vacation with the hubby and kids in April 2007 and since May, I have slowly been sending out my resumes to prospective employers. I am not yet close to joining any company to date and so I really doubt that the job market is improving and the economy is taking off. If you wish to find out what I do (or should it be, what I used to do) and what my credentials are, you can visit my other site

Even my resume is there.

Anyway, I was sort of complaining to a friend of mine some weeks ago that some of the companies I applied with did not even respond to my application. My friend goes: "Baka overqualified ka?" (Maybe you are overqualified?)

Then she reassures me: "Ok lang yan. Hindi pa siguro time. Pag tama na ang oras, magugulat ka na lang, ibibigay na sa iyo ng Diyos." (That's just fine. It's probably not yet time. When the time is right, God will surprise you with the right job.)

I then say: "Oo nga ano, magugulat na lang ako, nandyan na yung aking P1 million a month job?" (Yes, I'll be so surprised. Out of the blue, I'll get a job which will pay me P1 million a month.)

My friend quickly retorts: "Magsho-showbiz ka?" (Will you be joining showbiz?)

I smile knowing that I shall never join showbiz. =)

Not that I could. Then again, as I wait for that perfect job (I may wait forever), I really wonder if the people in government really believe what they are saying. If the economy is doing so well and jobs are aplenty, why are more people bent on leaving this country?

I am reminded of an old Economics joke I heard way back in college in UP Diliman and which I never forgot:

Person 1: When I grow up, I want to be an economist.

Person 2: Why? So you'll be rich and have lots of money?

Person 1: No, so I'll understand why I'm poor and unemployed.

Don't get me wrong though, I may be without work but I realize that I am truly rich. =)

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